valuation, property valuation, Illinois Real Estate AttorneysWhen you are purchasing real estate, you want to make sure you are paying a fair price. This is especially true in commercial transactions, which typically involve the exchange of significant amounts of money. If the purchase will be financed by a bank loan, proper valuation is not only important to protect your interests, but is a requirement for bank-financed transactions.

Appraisal – The Key to Determining Value

The value of commercial property is determined through a property appraisal conducted by a qualified appraiser. A qualified appraiser is a person who has either been certified by a professional appraisal organization, or has the required education and experience to conduct appraisals in his area of expertise. A real estate agent is not a qualified appraiser (unless he or she also has these certifications), so the sales price he or she sets is insufficient to support the valuation, and should not be relied upon.

There are three methods appraisers use to determine the value of real property. The method used depends in part on the type of property being valued and the proposed use.

If the valuation is needed for litigation and the parties disagree on the appraiser’s methods or his final valuation, the court must decide the issue. In cases of disagreement, the other side will often get a second appraisal. It is then the attorney’s job to prove in court that the valuation assigned to property by his appraiser is the correct one.

Sugar Grove Real Estate Attorneys

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