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Kane County Clean Water Charity

Sugar Grove Real Estate Lawyer Helps With Clean Water Efforts

At the Law Office of James F. White, P.C., we recognize that we are incredibly blessed to live in one of the most privileged countries in the history of the world. In the United States of America, we certainly have our problems, but we do not generally need to worry about where we will find our next meal or if we will have clean water to drink tomorrow. Unfortunately, such worries are a part of everyday life for hundreds of millions of people around the globe.

Several years ago, Attorney James F. White realized that he was being called to give back to the less fortunate inhabitants of developing and third-world countries. He and his family decided to focus their efforts on helping organizations that were committed to providing access to clean water in many areas around the world.

Closings for Clean Water

Since joining the effort to increase global access to clean water, Mr. White has done much more than just talk about the issue; he has generated thousands of dollars in donations to clean water charities, including Water Lily International. He could not, however, have made the same impact without the help of the committed team at his law firm.

At the Law Office of James F. White, P.C., we donate $50 to clean water charities for every residential real estate transaction that we close, adding up to significant sums of money. Over the last two years our firm has closed more than 700 real estate deals. As a result, we have donated more than $35,000 to bring clear water to people in places like Sierra Leone, Africa, Haiti and Nicaragua. This is all thanks to the clients who chose us to handle their closings. We look forward to continuing to help bring an end to disease in children and families caused by water-borne illnesses.

Where Does the Money Go?

Water Lily International and the other clean water charities that benefit from our donations are making an impact in communities throughout the world. With our help, new wells have been constructed in Ghana, Haiti, and Nicaragua in the last few years. More recently, their efforts have centered around villages in the African nation of Sierra Leone.

At the Law Office of James F. White, P.C., we are humbled to be able to share our blessings with our less fortunate brothers and sisters from around the world, but there is still much work to be done. Access to clean water remains a problem for many millions of people worldwide, and we will continue to do our part.

Call 630-466-1600 to Learn How You Can Help

In addition to our pledged donations for each closing, we also accept donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to make a difference. Our charity, Water Lily International, is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization, so all donations are tax-deductible. Contact our office to learn more about how you can help us provide clean water for those who need it most. Call 630-466-1600 today.


160 S. Municipal Dr. Suite 100, Sugar Grove, IL 60554

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