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Slipping and falling is not only embarrassing, but can result in serious and, in some cases, life-threatening injuries. According to the National Floor Safety Institute:

  • More women experience slip-and-fall accidents than men;
  • Men and women have a nearly-identical chance of dying in a slip and fall incident;
  • Half of all accidental deaths in the home are caused by a fall, and the majority of these accidents happen at ground level;
  • One out of three individuals aged 65 or older will experience a fall; and
  • Slips and falls account for over one million hospital emergency room visits each year.

What is a Slip and Fall Accident?

A slip and fall accident occurs when some condition or obstacle on the floor prevents your foot from obtaining traction as you walk. Because of this lack of friction, your leading foot "slips" forward. At the same time, the momentum of this sudden and unexpected movement sends you tumbling backward. Besides the embarrassment, common injuries include:

  • Bruises;
  • Lacerations or cuts;
  • Fractures such as hip fractures, arm fractures, or leg fractures;
  • Damage to the spinal column; and
  • Head injuries or traumatic brain injuries.

What Causes a Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents are more likely to occur if there is some condition that makes the floor slippery or such that it is difficult to gain traction on it. Such conditions may include:

  • Water, either from mopping, a spilled drink or food item, or rain or melting snow and ice;
  • Floor cleaners and floor polish;
  • Toys or other small items that are easily stepped on; or
  • Dark or poorly lit walkways, which can conceal dangerous conditions.

In addition, a person who wears shoes that have worn or missing tread (or no tread at all) or high heels is also at an increased risk of experiencing a slip and fall accident.

Who is Responsible for a Slip and Fall Accident?

When you experience a slip and fall incident on another's property (like at a business or store), the owner of that property may be responsible for the costs you experience as a result of your slip and fall accident. This is especially true if:

  • The property owner held his or her property open to the general public for business purposes (such as selling groceries or clothing);
  • The condition was one that was easily recognizable or detectable as being hazardous to the general public; and
  • The property owner took no steps to discover and/or correct hazards on the property prior to your injury.

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